Dr. Zhuo,
Thank you for the treatment you provided us to help with our infertility. After 5 years of trying to start our family, we were blessed with a triplet pregnancy. Our babies were born at 33 weeks gestation.

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  1. Eileen Zhuo

    Lori came to my clinic after 3 years of back-to-back IVF cycles. She was 29 years old and diagnosed with a male factor of infertility. She went to numerous infertility specialists and clinics and had many tests done, including laproscopy, hystoscopy & endometrial biopsy, on which everything appeared normal. Lori had 3 fresh full IVF, 2 cancelled hyperstimulation cycles, and 2 frozen embryo transfers. She had also had 2 pregnancies, both of which stopped growing at yoke sac with no fetal development. [hide-this-part morelink=”more”]When Lori came to see me at her first visit, she came fully prepared with her infertility treatment summary sheet. She told me she was taking birth control pills for her scheduled 4th fresh IVF, but she was unsure of the outcome. I reviewed her treatment history of producing too many poor eggs (last cycle with 46 eggs retrieved) and too few good ones (normally fertilized rate lower than 40%) and convinced her to take 3-6 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment before her next IVF. After 4 months of weekly treatment, Lori started her 4th IVF. She continued acupuncture during this IVF cycle. After her egg retrieval, her specialist told her that this had been her best cycle ever. This time her hormone level was normal and more than 50% of the eggs were normally fertilized and she got pregnant!

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