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  I started to see Dr. Zhuo because I wanted to increase chances of becoming pregnant and wanted to avoid Western fertility treatments if possible because of side effects. I had turned 40 years old and had a miscarriage 6 months before, so I really was on a timeline. She had me change my diet, document basal body temperature, use fertility testing strips, have intercourse on specific days of the month and I had weekly accupuncture treatments, and was started… Read more “I started to see Dr.”


Dear Dr. Zhuo, When I decided to call Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Center to make an appointment, that was a big step to make a change and improve my lifestyle. I have a very bad circulation through the years.  It was getting worst and worst due to daily 10-14  hours sitting and driving my truck. This problem cost me couldn’t sleep more than 4 hours at night without waking up with abdominal pain and pelvic inflammation. I do not get any rest at night. Thanks… Read more “Dear Dr. Zhuo,When I decided”


If you’re looking for the best acupuncturist, Dr. Zhuo is the one! She helped me through my infertility struggles. I am certain my daughter would not be here without the guidance of Dr. Zhuo, along side my IVF doctor. She helped make sense of the process and I had better results after I started her acupuncture regimen. She helped me successfully through the IVF process for my son as well, as well as continuing care (for both kids) during and after pregnancy. Many of… Read more “Annie”


I wanted to share the wonderful news that we had a baby boy a little over 3 months ago!  I had come to see you last year on my OB/GYN doctor’s suggestion (after having 3 miscarriages in about 4 years). I had several months of acupuncture treatments at your office…and not too long after became pregnant (at 43 years young!).  Fortunately, the baby was delivered naturally at Fairview Southdale hospital with Dr. Block in attendance.  It is so exciting for… Read more “Erica”


I was married for over three years and had tried to get pregnant for the past two years without a successful result. That was including a miscarriage I had in early 2004. Each month when I had my cycle, it had been very long and frustrating. I knew that it was going to be very difficult for me to get pregnant again without help. Finally, I went to a website to read more on Chinese Medicine, especially about Acupuncture (a… Read more “Sharon”


Dear Dr. Zhuo: Thank you for helping me avoid a third back surgery. The acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced the back pain and increased the quality of my life. I have suffered back pain for over 30 years. I have had two surgeries, traction, medications, epidurals, chiropractic care and anything else that I could think of to reduce the pain. The scheduled third surgery was going to be a fusion of three vertebrae and there was a very good chance… Read more “Ed”


Dr. Zhuo, Thank you for the treatment you provided us to help with our infertility. After 5 years of trying to start our family, we were blessed with a triplet pregnancy. Our babies were born at 33 weeks gestation.


Dr. Zhuo has helped me in so many ways. I came in for one or two issues (weight & fertility), and she has simultaneously helped with these and so many more, including: colds & flu, an injured rotator cuff, and carpal tunnel. Dr. Zhuo has a special way of talking with me as a person – not as a patient that she squeezed into a 7-minute time slot. Her knowledge about Eastern and Western medicine has guided and helped my… Read more “Mary”


Dear Dr. Zhuo, Everything is going really well, and I can’t believe I am already 37 weeks!  I have had a relatively uneventful and easy pregnancy, and I am just really enjoying it-mostly! …. I really appreciate everything you have done and for your excellent bedside manner. Thanks again, I’ll hopefully be sending you a birth announcement soon.


My first experience with Dr. Zhuo was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long time, I was given time to explain how I was feeling. Dr. Zhuo listened to me and gave me hope. Before I came here, I was really concerned about my health and didn’t think I would be alive that much longer. It’s now going on 17 months since I started seeing Dr. Zhuo, and I feel so much… Read more “Carl T”

Cari T

I am writing to tell you the impact that TCM and Dr. Zhuo have had on me. I came to Dr. Zhuo originally for infertility problems. My husband and I had tried for two years to get pregnant with no results. We even tried artificial insemination. I had had some prior surgery and perhaps some scarring, but with herbs and acupuncture I was able to conceive my daughter. A few years later we thought we would like to try again.… Read more “Teri”

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