Dear Dr. Zhuo:

Thank you for helping me avoid a third back surgery. The acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced the back pain and increased the quality of my life.

I have suffered back pain for over 30 years. I have had two surgeries, traction, medications, epidurals, chiropractic care and anything else that I could think of to reduce the pain. The scheduled third surgery was going to be a fusion of three vertebrae and there was a very good chance that my pain would not be reduced at all. I was very reluctant to try acupuncture because of my dislike of needles. So my wife made the appointment for me. The treatments are painless; in fact, I actually get a pretty good sleep every time I go. All of these tiny needles are new so that also took care of another concern.

I have been taking the treatments for almost two years. Due to the severity of my pain, initially I was taking treatments three times a week. That lasted for about a month, and I gradually was able to reduce the treatments to once every three weeks. My goal is go once a month. The most comforting aspect of working with you is your credentials as a Chinese medical doctor who has had extensive training in acupuncture. I was comfortable with the treatments from the first time we meet.

Again, thanks for all your help. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help.