Dear Dr. Zhuo,
Everything is going really well, and I can’t believe I am already 37 weeks!  I have had a relatively uneventful and easy pregnancy, and I am just really enjoying it-mostly! …. I really appreciate everything you have done and for your excellent bedside manner. Thanks again, I’ll hopefully be sending you a birth announcement soon.

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  1. Eileen Zhuo

    Shari is a 36-year-old woman with a diagnosis of secondary amenorrhea following discontinuation of oral contraceptives (was on OCT for 20 years). When she and her husband felt ready to start a family, she stopped taking her oral contraceptives. After 3-4 months past without the return of her menstrual cycle even while taking medication to induce menses, Shari began to see a specialist. Shari’s specialist performed many tests and procedures and together they discussed her treatment options, which included IVF. When Shari came to me, she was back on oral contraceptives in preparation for IVF, though she admitted to feeling like she was healthy enough to get pregnant on her own. After the initial evaluation, I recommended that she postpone IVF for a few months to first rebalance her body and hormones with acupuncture and herbs. Shari took my suggestion and started our Preconception Care Program. Two months later, on her 37th birthday, Shari went to the reproductive clinic to sign her IVF contract. As part of the clinic’s routine check-up, a pregnancy test was performed, and it came back POSITIVE! Shari got the best birthday gift she never expected.

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