I am writing to tell you the impact that TCM and Dr. Zhuo have had on me. I came to Dr. Zhuo originally for infertility problems. My husband and I had tried for two years to get pregnant with no results. We even tried artificial insemination. I had had some prior surgery and perhaps some scarring, but with herbs and acupuncture I was able to conceive my daughter. A few years later we thought we would like to try again. By taking herbs and having acupuncture regularly, we got pregnant twice in one year, but both pregnancies unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. A year went by and we decided to start trying again. Well, we hit the jackpot with TWINS! No outside help either! JUST acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

I also feel like I have someone on my side that I can tell even the smallest complaint to. Dr. Zhuo has treated me for everything from a tired voice (I am a singer) to colds, to aches, to digestive woes and even stress. I feel much more in balance after my visits. I think this contributes to my continued health. I refer others to her all the time.

“I am a believer in TCM, and Dr. Zhuo is the best”

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